Safe, Clean & Efficient

The nature of a mobile business is adapting to the environment of each unique job site. We deliver safety, cleanliness and efficiency to every customer by developing a thoughtful plan for setup, containment and clean up. 

While dustless mobile technology provides the most effective and least invasive solution for our community and the environment, it is not entirely invisible. 

Our process is a simple combination of water and abrasive (typically 40/70 recycled bottle glass). No toxins. No chemicals. No hazardous residues.  No harm to people, pets or plants.  The slurry of water and abrasive limits overspray to little more than 3-4 feet, leaving only spent abrasive for disposal as the water evaporates. 

We find that a good plan delivers the highest customer satisfaction.  Our experience is tarps and 6 mil plastic work well for ground cover, silt fencing and privacy fencing adapt well to irregular landscape borders, and our configurable wooden blast boxes work best in protecting buildings and structures. 

We carry many versatile solutions on our mobile blasting truck to assist with containment of potential overspray and make clean up quick and easy.  

We learn new tactics with each customer and look forward to planning a solution for your project!


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